Howard speaks and consults on various subjects related to business and transformation. He has an abiding and deep interest in the intersection of social responsibility, rights, business, ethics and capitalism.

With an unusual academic background in religious studies combined with practical business experience, he has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of those tasked with bringing profit oriented practices together with social good and the triple bottom line.

Drawing on both his business experiences and academic background, Howard likes to speak to educational and political audiences about the meta structural and moral issues in capitalism itself and to business audiences about the challenges of running a business with more than just a profit vision. He has a particular interest in the impulses and ideas driving the emergence of the new social enterprise phenomenon and the ways in which individuals and businesses can and should respond to these changes. He believes that the social transformation of business is not only good for the planet but business itself.

Corporate / Business Audiences

For corporate audiences, Howard discusses the growing competitive, moral and economic reasons for businesses to take their social purposes seriously. Discussing the ramifications and changes required to become a social enterprise and triple bottom line business, he charts the paths by which businesses can and should transform themselves so as to driving more value to their stakeholders.

Educational and Political Audiences

For educational and political organizations, Howard speaks about the ways in political constructions of liberty and rights need to be fundamentally rethought in order to create a more fair and just future.


Howard has both led sales and marketing organizations and consulted to companies going through various kinds of transformation. He has developed particular expertise in transformations related to customer experience management, marketing and sales strategy, content management, globalization, and localization.

Through a perfected methodology, Howard specializes in helping organizations and executives identify and clarify ambitious corporate goals, develop plans to achieve their visions, and manage the change throughout the organization.

He currently offers consulting and executive coaching on the following business processes: